Kathy (and Deborah, her delightful assistant) helped me sell my brother’s house after he fell ill and neglected the home’s maintenance for quite a long time. I live 1000 miles away and don’t know what I could have done without their help get the property in shape. They did a terrific job despite endless, tedious frustration from a horror show of unpredictable challenges that continued for months – a situation made even tougher by the sudden pandemic that struck during the process. I am ever grateful for their assistance, knowledge, support, and especially their grace and good nature. Kathy is the consummate real estate professional! I am almost disappointed that the house is sold (almost) and that I no longer will enjoy her positive energy, cheerful kindness, and strategic sales skills. In the end, Kathy got me a fair price under the most difficult conditions. Bravo!
David K

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